West Coast Conference Lay Organization members honored with awards and scholarships

During the West Coast Annual Conference Lay night on October 16, 2020, winners of awards and scholarships from various levels of the Lay Organization.

Episcopal Level Awards

Donnia Skipper is the West Coast Conference recipient of the Selmo Bradley Scholarship in the amount of $2,000. She is a 2020 honor graduate of Lake Region High School. Donnia is a member of Hurst Chapel in Winter Haven and is attending Florida Atlantic University. She will major in biology or a related field to pursue a career as a physician.

Joyce Pink is the West Coast Conference recipient of the Hall of Fame Award. She is a member of Historic Bethel in St. Petersburg. She is active on all levels and presented a learning lab at an Episcopal Lay Convention.

From left to right: Donnia Skipper, Joyce Pink, Robbyn Hopewell, DaShawn Jones, Jamie Smith, Alfred Nolton and Gladys Clark.

Conference Level Awards

Robbyn Hopewell is the James V. Honors Lay Person of the Year. The award was recently named as a tribute to the late Bro. Honors who worked diligently in and for the Lay Organization.

$1,000 West Coast Conference Lay Organization Scholarship Award recipients include:

Donnia Skipper of Hurst Chapel, Winter Haven; attending Florida Atlantic University

DaShawn Jones of Mt. Olive, Clearwater; attending Howard University

Jamie Smith of St. Luke, Tampa; attending Hillsborough Community College

Community Service Award, Alfred Nolton of New Mt. Olive, Avon Park

President’s Circle Award, Gladys Clark of St. James, Clearwater

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