Adulting 101: Credit Seminar Hosted By Tampa District

Flyer for Seminar

Greetings West Coast Conference Lay Organization, I bring you greetings as the Young Adult Representative for the Trending Tremendous Tampa District Lay Organization. I am submitting this piece with a mind set on serving the Lord and educating young people and young adults. With the spirit of providing more programing geared towards young adults, I began the work of creating a program series that focused on information and skills necessary for success during emerging adulthood. Emerging adulthood can be a tumultuous time filled with questions, missteps, and trial by fire. As younger millennials would say, “Adulting” is hard and as children of the African Methodist Episcopal Church we are looking to auxiliaries such as the Lay Organization to help guide us. The first program in my “Adulting 101” series is focused on Credit and will take place on February 12th from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. via Zoom. In this introductory workshop we will be answering the following questions:

            What is credit?

            Why is credit important?

How do you establish credit?

How can you raise your credit?

This program is a joint effort between the Tampa District Lay Organization and the Tampa District Richard Allen Young Adult Counsel with Rev. Briana Robinson Franklin (president, TDRAYAC) and I as the organizers. We are inviting teens, young adults, and anyone else who needs this vital information to attend ready to ask questions and engage in discussion. Our speaker for this workshop is a Senior Accountant at ONICON Incorporated in Largo Florida and a young adult member of Allen Temple AME church in Tampa. Rev. Briana and I are thrilled to be bringing this type of programming to the Tampa District and the West Coast Conference. We are asking that the legendary Lay members of the West Coast Conference support this effort by distributing our flyer and inviting teens and young adults to attend this workshop. For additional information about this workshop, you may contact me via email at We look forward to this exciting opportunity to prepare the emerging generations for success!

Joyfully and humbly submitted,

Mrs. Amarah Scott


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