St. Petersburg District’s Wrap Up

January Learning Lab

Did you or do you wonder about the liturgical calendar? The colors and what they symbolize? How they fit into Christian life and worship?

Members of the St. Petersburg District Lay Organization got those questions answered in a Learning Lab called “The Reason for Our Seasons” that focused on Epiphany and the Christian calendar. The Tuesday evening meeting was a departure from the usual Saturday morning gathering.

District consultant Sis. Evelyn Williams joined more than 40 enthusiastic people in discussing the calendar’s purpose and answering questions about the meanings of the seasons. They did so well that Director of Lay Activities Joyce Pink didn’t assign homework as was “promised” at the beginning of the lab.

The calendar follows the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Members discussed the two cycles: the Christmas Cycle (Advent-Christmas-Epiphany) and the Easter Cycle (Lent-Easter-Pentecost); the preparatory seasons; festival season; and seasons of growth.

The lab ended with members knowing that when in doubt about the seasons and which colors should be used in the sanctuary, “seek guidance from a presiding elder, your pastor, Christian education director, or other person designated by the pastor. These persons will be helpful in providing information on appropriate colors for preparing the sanctuary.”

Membership Recruitment Drive

All around the district, folks are talking about intentionality when it comes to the framework of local organizations. One way to ensure that teaching and training continue is to recruit members who will carry out the mandate to actively take part in kingdom-building.

Parking lot praise. Drive-through registration. Teas and get-togethers. All have been used throughout the district to encourage disciples to become members of the organized Lay.

Because January is Membership Recruitment Month, local organizations put emphasis on growth. Each local president was given assorted materials to help in the effort. Friendly competition is underway as individual churches put their “best blue” forward. Lakeland, who bested the St. Petersburg and Tampa districts last year, threw down the gauntlet early-on, and dared anyone to try to stop them. St. Petersburg, never a district to shy away, accepted the challenge. Hang on, the results will soon be known.

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